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The following organizations are supporting the FORCE 2019 Conference through sponsorship opportunities. Visit this page to learn more about the Sponsorship Opportunities.

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FORCE 2019 Hack-a-Thon


FORCE 2019 Travel Fellowship

Silver Sponsors


Spriger Nature

Springer Nature advances discovery by publishing robust and insightful research, supporting the development of new areas of knowledge, making ideas and information accessible around the world, and leading the way on open research. We offer researchers and their funders open access options in journals, books and sharing research data. We make academic research freely accessible and discoverable through partnerships, innovation and collaboration with communities across science, technology, medicine, the humanities and social sciences.


eLife is a non-profit organisation inspired by research funders and led by scientists. Our mission is to help scientists accelerate discovery by operating a platform for research communication that encourages and recognises the most responsible behaviours in science.


FORCE 2019 Hack-a-Thon


Crossref makes research outputs easy to find, cite, link, and assess.
We’re a not-for-profit membership organization that exists to make scholarly communications better. We rally the community; tag and share metadata; run an open infrastructure; play with technology; and make tools and services—all to help put scholarly content in context.
It’s as simple—and as complicated—as that.




GigaScience aims to revolutionize publishing by promoting reproducibility of analyses and data dissemination, organization, understanding, and use. As an open access and open-data journal, we publish ALL research objects (data, software tools and workflows) from 'big data' studies across the entire spectrum of life and biomedical sciences. These resources are managed using the FAIR Principles for scientific data management and stewardship that state that research data should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.