FORCE11 Endorsement Policy

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Force11 is a common ground for all interested in the Future of Research Communication. Members and sponsors of Force11 include commercial and non-profit publishers, libraries, scholarly societies, universities, other private and public sector organisations, and individual researchers, librarians, publishing professionals, corporate and public sector managers.

These members approach research communication with different interests, concerns, and levels of participation. Often these interests are complementary. Sometimes they may be competing.

For this reason, Force11 does not itself certify or endorse external initiatives. It is not an advocacy organization but an organization for harmonization of community views. It acts by convening communities of interest from within its membership but the organization does not presume to speak for its members. It creates space for members to work together to solve common problems and discuss questions of mutual interest and it encourages its members to become engaged in the world of research communications and to participate in external initiatives and organizations. But it does not take a position on such external activities or initiatives in its own name beyond supporting research and development work in its field.

Force11 does work with external agencies and organizations and it does support specific, member-initiated and developed initiatives. This cooperation and support, however, is intended to be non-exclusive. The fact that Force11 cooperates with one organization or supports one specific initiative does not rule out member-initiated work with other different, perhaps even competing, initiatives and organizations.

Where a working group is convened through or statements are publicized by Force11 we suggest the following language: “[Name of group]: a community group/statement convened through Force11.”