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FORCE11 is a movement of people interested in furthering the goals stated in the FORCE11 Manifesto.  An important part of our work is information gathering and dissemination.  We invite anyone with relevant information to provide us links which we may include on this website.  We ask anyone with similar and/or related efforts to include links to FORCE11.  We are a neutral information community, and do not endorse or seek to block any relevant work.

Here are ways for you to participate in the FORCE11 community.


#1 Join FORCE11

As a registered member you will be able to post content to the FORCE11 website and join or even start a working group. Join FORCE11 Now.


#2 Post Content

Post a News/Announcement

Use the News/Announcement Post form for adding time-sensitive content like news, press releases, announcements of new products, articles, and/or external links to other sites. Post News/Announcement.

Post a Blog

Use the Blog Post form for adding non-time-sensitive content for discussion (via comments) or informational purposes which cover a single subject, and/or external links to other sites. Write a Blog Post.

Do you already have your own blog or know of a blog you'd like to share with FORCE11? Add an RSS feed to FORCE11.


#3 Participate in a Working Group

Join a Working Group

You may join groups by visiting the group project pages and joining the group. View all FORCE11 Groups.

Start a Working Group

Or you may want to start your own group or project. A FORCE11 member committee will moderate requests and will contact you with more details. To start a group, complete the Working Group Application Form.