Allowing and facilitating information access in Algeria

Communication in the developing world lags behind because a number of reasons. It would be so wonderful if a more equitable sharing of data and information means led to those more in need for information to be able to access it. In countries like Algeria, there is such a great energy from youth that needs to be harnessed to give palatable results. The main reason this is not yet achieved lies in the fact a tentacular and highly bureaucratic management is at the heart of the Algerian system. This gerontocratic system manages the financial manna not to create an efficient system production tools but stay in power. Allowing youths to access valuable and usable information will undoubtedly lead to positive results. And when one says information, one does speak of the electronic networks which in this country should be given more means to be able to upgrade and play the role it has been created for: allowing a bigger number of citizens to access information.
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Samir Hachani
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