Computational knowledge integration in biopharmaceutical research.

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Authors: Ficenec, David
Osborne, Mark
Pradines, Joel
Richards, Dan
Felciano, Ramon
Cho, Raymond J
Chen, Richard O
Liefeld, Ted
Owen, James
Ruttenberg, Alan
Reich, Christian
Horvath, Joseph
Clark, Tim

An initiative to increase biopharmaceutical research productivity by capturing, sharing and computationally integrating proprietary scientific discoveries with public knowledge is described. This initiative involves both organisational process change and multiple interoperating software systems. The software components rely on mutually supporting integration techniques. These include a richly structured ontology, statistical analysis of experimental data against stored conclusions, natural language processing of public literature, secure document repositories with lightweight metadata, web services integration, enterprise web portals and relational databases. This approach has already begun to increase scientific productivity in our enterprise by creating an organisational memory (OM) of internal research findings, accessible on the web. Through bringing together these components it has also been possible to construct a very large and expanding repository of biological pathway information linked to this repository of findings which is extremely useful in analysis of DNA microarray data. This repository, in turn, enables our research paradigm to be shifted towards more comprehensive systems-based understandings of drug action.

Journal: Brief Bioinform 2003 vol 4 issue 3 pagination 260-78

PMID: 14582520


ISSN: 1467-5463