Conference held

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Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (Azerbaijan)
University of Burgundy Franche-Comte (France)
The International Research Education & Training Centre. (Estonia, Tallinn)

Topics of the Conference:

Section 1. Development of  MIMCS

- Innovative technologies in the engineering and social sciences

- Computer networks and telecommunication technologies;

- Methods and means of information protection;

- Modern information technologies in measurement and control;

- Artifical intelligence based decision making;

Section 2. MIMCS in Medical-Biological research

- Information technologies in biology sciences;

- Modern directions of medical diagnostics and therapeutic systems;

- Computational intelligence in health care systems;

- Bioinformatics and image processing;

- Biomedical instrumentations;

Section 3. Actual circumstances of the metrological provision of MIMCS.

- Actual problems of assessment and the mutual recognition of measurement results

- Modern control methods and means metrological features of IMCS

- Modern methods of testing, calibration and verification of IMCS

Section 4. Application of MIMCS

- MIMCS in fuel, chemistry and power engineering complexes;

- Information technologies in aerospace monitoring;

- Navigation information systems of vehicles;

- MIMCS in Earth sciences;

- MIMCS in Agricultural sciences;

- MIMCS, nanotechnologies and material sciences;

- Innovative technologies in food engineering

Section 5. Modeling  and simulations

- Mathematical modeling;

- Simulation application in industry;

- Modeling and optimization;

Section 6. Big Data and High performance computing

- Big Data;

- Data Mining

- Data analytics;

- Grid, Soft, Quantum computing;

- High Performance Computing- architecture and applications;

Publication Date: 
Monday, July 1, 2019