Does the Force11 1K Challenge need to be fixed?

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The FORCE2015 1K challenge had funding for (3) awards.  However, at this time we are only awarding (1) award and need the community feedback on the other (2) awards.   The three submissions that originally garnered the most votes did this by encouraging a large number of people to sign up for membership in FORCE11 and vote for their submission, in some cases friends and family who do not appear to have had a strong connection to the ideals of the organisation. This was a process that, while allowed by the rules, could be construed as contrary to the spirit of the competition, which is about engaging the FORCE11 community. In two cases, the authors of the proposals withdrew after this was pointed out to them; in one case the author decided to accept the money and participate in a discussion of the issues involved.  

What we are asking now is for the community to weigh in on this issue and figure out what to do for future 1k challenges.  

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