Launching 'Review Assistant': An AI-powered Tool for Peer Reviewers

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Enago is proud to announce the launch of a unique AI-powered tool ‘Review Assistant’ with an aim of advancing the peer-reviewing process. Reviewers strive to provide fair, rigorous, and constructive review reports on time to improve the manuscript quality.

However, reviewing may take several weeks given these reviewers are active researchers and field scholars who have other academic jobs that also demand their attention.
This session will introduce researchers, reviewers, and publishers to an unconventional AI tool that will accelerate the peer review process by simplifying the literature search strategies and assist in generating high-quality review reports.

Further, it will demonstrate how ‘Review Assistant’ can automatically pull the key resources from state-of-the-art literature and save the reviewers’ valuable time.

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, September 22, 2021