Beyond digital: can multimedia-based research enable more interactive communication of findings in an installation?

Inspired by Latour’s "Making Things Public", where scientific research is presented as an exhibition, we want to explore the limits of opening research findings beyond the text-based and the digital worlds. The research project providing content for this idea is entitled “Fostering Sustainability in Land-reform Policy: Lessons from Ecovillages in Brazil and Germany”. It’s a qualitative case study applying analytical coding methods on multimedia data, which will result in recommendations for public policy in Brazil. The prototype’s objective is to create narratives that bring together videoclips, pictures and quotes collected in 12 communities, experimenting with physical objects and space. The challenge is to design this experience for a diverse audience: researchers, journalists, policymakers and citizens. Installations as a medium enable multiple narratives, and prioritize user experience. We need 1K to obtain materials for the installation, such as rented TV screens, 10" touchscreen devices, printing photos, signs, etc. It would take place in Berlin and, if successful, could be presented at FORCE2016 in Portland. The installation would be documented and visitors surveyed to provide feedback. The documentation would be openly available in the web for researchers exploring new forms of scholarly communication, especially those that aim to go beyond digital borders.
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Caio Werneck
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