80% Of The Grocery Shopping Decisions Are Mainly Taken Up By Men- Silent Truth!!

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Studies gives a wide glimpse that the foods which are packed are mainly food products and 91% of the men calls on what shall be bought. Henceforth in case of the beverages the figure is almost 92% as stated by the report. This has been stated that more of the Indian men are taking up the decisions to buy things in case of the purchasing the different groceries, which also influences the purchasing power. Hence, according to a study under the commission of social media firm based on Facebook which is mainly conducted by the IMRB International.

This has been recognized that about 80% of the men are taking up the decision to buy their food and grocery items by the men. However, about 86% of the decisions taken by the men when it mainly comes to purchasing the skin care products and the hair products. For oral care and for home care products more or less men are only involved to make their purchase.

Then What Does The Women Do??

Mothers and the women mainly are responsible for shopping all sorts of household items which mainly ranging from food, laundry, cleaning to the personal grooming. However, this has been recognized that today’s men have been visiting to the grocery shops more than the women. This gives out a clear indication of all the rising interest in the family structure and giving their interest in the wellbeing to give a better impact on their purchasing habits.

The Online Advertisements!!!

Online applications are increasing the decision making structure of most of the men in our society. This have been done due to the interest which is been put into the advertisements being done by Shah Rukh Khan for the Big Basket firm. These advertisements are been telecast in the national television in their commercial advertisements.  This have made the men more liable to take up the decisions on choosing on the grocery products. Shah Rukh Khan acts as the male protagonist in the commercial advertisement of Big Basket. You can also choose Big Basket Offers available to buy best groceries online in your city at reasonable rates without stepping out.

However, online grocery sales is still very small in number. Hence, studies shows that all the marketers should meet the target. However, all the Indian men are changing their motivation to get more involved in the household activities. Today it cannot be ignored that all men are useless in case of shopping for the household needs, they are also acting actively for their household products as in the case of the female members.

Different Surveys Are Being Made

In the survey it has been seen that here are several features which are pushing the men to challenge themselves to create a change. In fact they have been acquiring about to marry an educated women with lots of qualities. By making some research on the online based through the medium of digital growth and marketing Facebook can be said to be creating one of the best position to reach a wide male user up to 75%, which is more than 60% in care of the men in total in care of the Indians.


All the male members of the society is taking up the initiatives to build a better responsibility of them in the forefront of the household. Hence, they are also willing to take up the responsibilities to visit the grocery shop in the medium of the supermarkets. However, they also have been enjoying the process to get a wide idea of the different products which are available in online services. These range is widely categorized as it is diverse as the reaching the laundry care to get better food and beverages.

Hence, men are also taking up the responsibilities to create a good insight in case of all the sellers to provide relevant products to reach all the people through the men of the houses. In the survey both the men belonging to the nuclear or to the extended nuclear families are bound communicate well with the products which are being send by the online shopping medium like Big Basket. Hence, nearly, 42% of all these men are graduates and main thing is that four out of five men are the shoppers who are mainly married. As a wide study have been made. Get updated with us for latest Delivery Executive Jobs getting published everyday.

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