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In 2017 the African Academy of Sciences established AAS Open Research, a platform for rapid publication and open peer review for researchers supported by AAS and programs supported through its funding platform, AESA.

The platform publishes scholarly articles reporting any basic scientific, translational, applied and clinical research (including quantitative and qualitative studies) by researchers affiliated with the African Academy of Sciences.

Submissions to AAS Open Research must have at least one AAS-affiliated author to be eligible for publication.

Articles must be original (not duplications). All research, including clinical trials, systematic reviews, software tools, method articles, and many others, is welcome and will be published irrespective of the perceived level of interest or novelty; confirmatory and negative results, as well as null studies are all suitable. See the full list of article types here.

All articles are published using a fully transparent, author-driven model: the authors are solely responsible for the content of their article. Invited peer review takes place openly after publication, and the authors play a crucial role in ensuring that the article is peer-reviewed by independent experts in a timely manner. Articles that pass peer review will be indexed in a number of bibliographic databases.

AAS Open Research is an Open Research platform: all articles are published open access under a CC-BY license; the publishing and peer-review processes are fully transparent; and authors are asked to include detailed descriptions of methods and to provide full and easy access to source data underlying the results to improve reproducibility.

AAS Open Research requires that the source data underlying the results are made available as soon as an article is published.

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