Best Data Science Professional Development Certification

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It is a dismal that irrespective of the rising demand for data scientists’ organizations are striving to find professionals who can glean insights from the information gathered. There is no backing off, as the job postings keeps increasing exponentially.

LinkedIn listed data scientist to be the most promising job this 2019. Job posting had been steady for the past two years starting off by 16% on January 2016 to January 2017, 17% on January 2017 to January 2018. The up rise although has become moderate with a mere 5% from 2017 to 2018 in comparison to 9% the prior year. Although the rise for data science professional is moving at a rapid pace, the market faces a tough competition in hiring the relevant talent.

Through years we’ve heard of data scientists being the hottest job of the 21st century and the lucrative salary packages that one can make as a data scientist calls for career upgrade. The best factor about the job includes plenty of benefits for one to adore.

For quite some time now, data science professionals were deemed as the top most job skill in the U.S. in terms of remuneration, demand and work satisfaction. Despite the fact that data science professionals are highly sought after, the job market is in dire need for tech experts in this field.

Data science is all about seeking knowledge from data gathered. Experts in this field must have curious mindset, should be able to grasp new challenges, and stay inquisitive. As the demand keeps exceeding mastering a new skillset at this point of time is what will keep you job ready.

Will Data Science Certification Ease One’s Career Opportunities?

In whatever position, you hold in your career, it is always a smart move to stack yourself with certifications that will be proven valuable to the industry. Professional certifications are credible and can be used to bridge the skill gap that the industry is currently facing. Being certified provides one with a tangible and third party proof of skills that allows you to strategically place yourself for any upcoming job or a promotion.

The Benefits:

  • Employers gain the confidentiality and know that your skills are on par with the current industry’s standards.
  • Demonstrates your zeal towards continuous learning.
  • Enhances your skillset and keep them marketable in the current job market.
  • An ideal way to different yourself from your peers, sets you one step ahead of others in the competition.

It gets challenging for one to choose the right and perfect certification program with so many online vendors to choose from. Each certification does not hold the same level of weightage in the industry. However, gaining a better perspective of which career path to follow and technologies to learn is important.

Besides this, newer technologies and skills have emerged with time and based on the current industry requirement the individual must upskill themselves.

Let us have a quick glance at some of the best vendors in data science certifications:

  • Dell EMC

Data Science and Advanced Analytics Associate Certification (DECA-DS) from Dell EMC offers a product-agnostic and technology focused certification programs. This certification program is ideal for candidates in their early data science career. This track allows the candidate learn the skills from the basic level to the core level on the later stage.

  • Cloudera

Cloudera Certified Professional: Data Scientist (CCP: DS) ranks as one of the top 5 big data analytics certifications in the industry. It is deemed as the industry’s first hands-on data science certification that is valid across the globe.

  • Data Science Council of America

Data Science Council of America offers certification programs for fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals. DASCA offers one of the best career oriented certification in the industry. This credentialing body is fleshed around the cutting-edge technology that the industry is looking to hire for today.

  • Coursera

Data science certification from Coursera offers solid foundation in data science. This program covers the entire technology skills and concepts along with providing the ability to draw inferences using statistical models.

No doubt data scientists still have one of the most astounding job satisfaction in the industry along with lucrative salary remuneration.

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