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Human resources is one of the most prominent career options today. Compared to earlier, companies now consider human resources as part of strategic decision making process and make a direct impact on company’s bottom line. With several roles in this field, handsome salaries at entry-level as well executive roles, imminent growth opportunities, an HR career has become a desirable field of career.

As interesting as it may sound, responsibilities that come as part of the positions in this field have become challenging. Dynamic business environment, constantly changing labor policies, rising need for employee care and more have made human resources a challenging field to be in. Continuous learning, unlearning, and relearning are important for to grow in this career. Hence, to grow it is important to keep learning to grow and get better at the job. As human resources tend to diversify in various roles – talent management, payroll management, compensation and benefits, employee policy and more – it is also important for those looking to reach leadership positions gain experience in all these aspects.  

Some companies, mostly companies with few employees have HR generalist who look after each aspect of HR operation, larger companies with more employees, have specialist in each HR operation—payroll, talent management, compensation and benefits and others. There’s scope for growth in all disciplines of human resources.

Pursuing HR certifications is one of the ways to learn new skills and upskill as an HR professional. Various certifications are available in the industry specialty-wise and generalist 

Let’s explore some of the best HR Certifications that are available:

  1. HRCI ( Human Resources Center Institute)

This is one of the most popular HR certification bodies in the world. PHR that stands for Professional in Human Resources and SPHR that stands for Senior Professional in Human Resources are the two popular credentials offered by HRCI. Other credentials are also offered by HRCI. Each credential is offered after vetting candidates through exam, and have corresponding eligibility criteria.

   2. TMI ( Talent Management Institute)

This is a leading body in talent management space and offers two credentials – Talent Management Practitioner (TMP) and Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMP). TMP is meant for new grads looking to start a career in talent management, while STMP is meant for people who have been working in talent management space for a long time and have extensive experience. At least 7 years is required.

   3. SHRM
Society for Human Resource Management or SHRM is one the oldest certification bodies. In fact, prior to 2015, it conducted only exams for HRCI, and started certifications – SHRM –CP (Certified Professional) and SHRM-SCP ( Senior Certified Professional) recently. In addition to offering certifications, it is also a membership organization.

     As said earlier, certifications are a good way to learn new skills and grow in career. However, it is not just that. In addition to providing boost to career, it also offers good remuneration. Certified professionals tend to get more salary for same roles than their non-certified counterparts.  So if you want to grow in your HR career, certifications are a way to go.


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