MBA degree or a HR Certification? What’s best for me?

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Amidst the turmoil in the current workforce, most people are often confused over the fact whether to take up an MBA degree or a certification to advance in their career. With trends getting updated in the industry, companies are keen on hiring candidates having the updated skillset.

As a matter of fact, technology and innovation has risen to heights where even a human resource professional is required to acknowledge and learn these skills. Getting back to the subject, generally people consider MBA as an add on advantage while processing for a higher job role. However, just a degree won’t guarantee you a job on its own. With trends moving at a breakneck speed, the HR field takes a drastic change from being traditional to becoming more strategic in nature today. These trends are changing the future of workplace and even the role of a human resource professional.

If you’re an HR professional looking to improve your skills, both an MBA degree and a certification will help you develop the skills and advance further in your career. However, it depends on factors such as the number of experience one has in the same field or any other related field. What are the job roles you’re interested to get into?

MBA Degree Vs Professional HR Certification

A degree and a certification is something that cannot be compared.

Although a degree is great, but by itself will not provide the same value in the job market. Advanced degrees are often more strategic. A number of students could take the same class at the exact time and duration, but will still end up differently. The idea is to claim the fact that although a degree act as a prove the individual is knowledgeable it doesn’t guarantee whether one will be given a job based merely on the educational background, however, exceptions are always there.

On the other hand, a certification is a valuable asset and act as a great development tool for professionals looking to get into companies with the latest trends and skills. If you’re a human resource professional with career goals, it is always a good idea to upgrade skills and climb the HR ladder.

Now the most important question strikes one’s mind. Should you take up an MBA or get through certifications. Well, you might as well consider doing both. An analysis by Software Advice revealed that both an MBA degree and a certification is desirable, but when it comes to looking for employment, neither of the option can guarantee one a job.

This study surveyed over 300 HR job openings in the U.S. and come up with these findings. Around 42% of the job openings required professionals with HR professional certification. And a mere number of 28% preferred an MBA or a graduate degree.

While looking out to advance in a career, it is challenging to take up the right decision, one cannot afford to make that wrong decision.

Add a certification to your name

With the battle going between an MBA degree and an HR professional certification, it boils down to what’s best for an HR professional in today’s market scenario.

With expectations to increase sophisticated methods used in today’s HR market, finding the right talent can be tough. Global HR certification and HR professional certification have encouraged HR professionals acquire the new age skills in demand by the current industries. There are great job roles that today’s human resource professional can start looking out for.

Some great HR certification bodies includes, The Society for Human Resources Management and HR Certification institute. If you’re looking to get into a global leadership role that is beyond HR leaders, then Talent Management Institute and The Association for Talent Development. These are some of the best HR professional certifications that is valid worldwide.

Are you sure of getting into the HR domain? If so, great! Upgrading your skills though certifications can be the best bet that will reap benefits today and even in the future. If you’re dedicated to the HR field for a longer haul, then choosing a credible certification is an ideal decision. Not to forget earning a certification will demonstrates the candidate’s quantifiable skills.

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