Why do you Need a Chief Learning Officer?

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A Chief Learning Officer is a role contrived to fulfill the learning needs of an organization’s workforce. In simpler terms, A CLO can be considered as the Head of L&D or Training Director of a firm. In most instances, since it is a high-degree position in an organization, a Chief Learning Officer is required to have a minimum experience of ten years in the corporate world.

The trend of hiring a CLO started with bigger organizations, however, there are many industries where they are being recruited.

•    Education Management

•    Human Resources

•    Professional Training

•    Management Consulting

•    E-learning

•    Government Administration

•    Hospitals /Pharma/ Health Care

ELearning is on a spree of spreading its presence in disparate industries. So, with better technology pervading different sectors, there are more effective ways to impart information. Hence, more and more CLOs are being hired across several industries. Also, within an organization, they impact various departments and people.

What is adding to the popularity of the CLO role?

New technologies are making waves in the learning space. Therefore, top companies are making updating their traditional learning technology and programs. Ergo, if you adopting state-of-the-art technology for satisfying the learning needs of your employees, you will surely need a CLO to lead the movement. They are the key drivers of change who work closely with the rest of the members of the C-suite to ensure that the newly developed training programs are structured well and are aligned with the comprehensive objectives of the firm.

They act as the pilots of the learning initiatives who not only promote the training programs throughout the whole organizations but also bring them before the eyes of the external stakeholders. It is definitely not as easy as it sounds since they are responsible for keeping tabs on market challenges along with the problems related to the allocation of internal resources before creating a training program.

Moreover, a major part of their job is to develop mentorship, apprenticeship and internship programs as they have the capacity to measure their worth both outside as well as inside of the company.

What is the highest priority of a Chief Learning Officer?

Being the L&D ninjas of the firm, CLOs are expected to transfer relevant knowledge to the staff along with supporting them in their career development. Besides, what the organizations are getting in return of orchestrating the training program is also something they are supposed to keep track of. They are required to analyze how much returns the learning and development programs created by them are yielding for the company.

They carry out an in-depth evaluation of the courses to identify how impactful of a learning experience is being produced by the technologies, procedures, personnel and learning content. CLOs work for the better of both parties – The company and its people. Hence, they have to make sure that the needs of the business and learners are met with equal effectiveness.

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