Wrap-up and Takeaways from FORCE2021

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In this final conference blog post from FORCE2021: Joining Forces to Advance the Future of Research Communications, I wrap up some details, answer some questions, and share some ways we hope you will stay engaged and connected! As you can see from the map below, the global reach of the conference was amazing.

Map showing all countries with at least one FORCE2021 participant in yellow.

Lots of folks are eager to see and share the videos of sessions they loved (or missed!). The videos are coming soon to the FORCE2021 YouTube playlist. Subscribe to the playlist to be notified when videos are posted. The plan is to do some light editing and to prioritize the keynotes and panels.

Many conference materials are already shared in the conference Zenodo community, and conference organizers and many participants will continue to be reachable on the FORCE11 Slack for questions and networking.

One aspect of the conference I’ve been looking forward to including in the blog is the Hackathons. Pre- and post-conference, about 30 people gathered to create solutions around the topic of software citation. Eight working groups will continue around related topics. Please reach out to the respective coordinators if you want to learn more, and/or join the next Force11 Software Citation Implementation Working Group call on January 11, 2022.

Software Citation Working Groups and Coordinators

Working Group Coordinator
Crosswalk of metadata standards for software Morane Gruenpeter
Crosswalk of resource metadata  Tom Morrell
Automated metadata conversion to/from CFF Martin Fenner
Updating GitHub documentation for adding metadata to GitHub repositories Arfon Smith
Documenting how to adopt software citation best practices Alice Allen
CFFinit software for creating CFF files via a form Abel Siquera
Initial evaluation of adding software citation support to GitLab repositories Stephan Druskat
GitHub action to help authors keep their CFF files up-to-date Ana Trisovic
Tracking the impact of metadata Daniel Garijo


While I am wistfully closing out my time as conference blogger, FORCE11 will be launching a new blog platform, Upstream, in January, 2022.  We hope to see you there to continue work and conversations around the future of research communications!

Jennifer Miller for the FORCE2021 Organizing Committee

Wrap-up and Takeaways from FORCE2021 by Jennifer Miller for FORCE2021 Organizing Committee is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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