Create your own website to connect, work with and share your data. Build a virtual community based on a your specific or wider research field.
Signing up for a Scratchpad is free, quick and simple! No knowledge of website creation is required and your site can cover any aspect of natural history (a taxonomic group, a geographical area, club or society, journal, etc).

Scratchpads are an easy and effective way to present your data online.
Whether you just want to publish on the web, construct a database or assemble a formal manuscript, Scratchpads are able to help!

Link and share your structured data to make it widely accessible.
Scratchpads provide the neccessary tools to allow you to mobilise and link your biodiversity data. Import and link data from multiple biodiversity resources and allow your data to be re-used with attribution in global biodiversity initiatives like the Encyclopedia of Life and GBIF. Anyone who uses your data will cite you for your contribution.

Whether you want to prepare a paper with colleagues, build a bibliographic database or create a reference collection of images and observations, Scratchpads can help.

Create a private space within your site and control access and editing rights while you develop your work.

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