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Promoting and Fostering Collaborations in our Open Source Communities

Author: John Chodacki | Publication Date: , Author: Emmy Tsang | Publication Date:

Posted by | Feb 19th 2020 | Comment

(This post is adapted from a similar post on Dryad's blog) In an effort to promote and elevate Open Source projects from across the scholarly communications space, FORCE11 is partnering with eLife...


Posted by Emmy Tsang | Feb 10th 2020 | Comment

FSCI 2020August 3 - 7 UCLA, Los Angeles, USA  @force11rescomm #FSCI #FSCI2020 WHAT IS FSCI? FSCI is a week-long summer school that brings the latest developments in research...

Research Data Management Training Workshop to be held in Taipei on March 8, 2020

Posted by Stephanie Hagstrom | Jan 31st 2020 | Comment

A one-day training workshop on Research Data Management will be held in Taipei on the 8th of March, 2020. The workshop aims to provide a balanced overview of the major components in Research Data...

FORCE11 Endorsement Policy - Open for Comment

Posted by Dan Maxwell | Dec 26th 2019 | 9 Comments

Below is a new, proposed endorsement policy for FORCE11 community consideration posted November 12, 2019.  The first section is the new text as submitted for review, the second section shows the...

Open Data Metrics: Lighting the Fire

Posted by FORCE11 Admin | Dec 4th 2019 | Comment

Book Announcement I wanted let you know about a new book we just released about the state of open data metrics.  My co-authors and I collaborate on various projects and initiatives that focus on...

Make an impact in 2020!

Posted by John Chodacki | Nov 13th 2019 | Comment

Force2019 Edinburgh was a blast! Thank you again for all organizers, presenters, and attendees for making it a fun and informative meeting. For those that couldn’t make it, talks from the main room...