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Welcoming new members to the FORCE11 board

Posted by | Jan 9th 2019 | Comment

Thanks to all FORCE11 members for taking the time to vote. You drive what FORCE11 does. That's why your choices for the new Board matter. So please welcome your new Force11 Board members: Euan...

FORCE11 and UCLA Library partner to host 2019 FSCI summer institute on open research

Posted by Stephanie Hagstrom | Nov 29th 2018 | Comment

FORCE11 is pleased to announce the third annual FORCE11 Scholarly Communication Institute (FSCI) will take place at UCLA from August 5 to 9, 2019. With this move, FORCE11 begins a long-term...

Call for nominations to the FORCE11 Board of Directors

Posted by Stephanie Hagstrom | Nov 18th 2018 | Comment

You can enable change by nominating yourself to the FORCE11 Board. FORCE18 showed us yet again of the desire for change in scholarly communications – that many people from different positions are...

Free Workshops: Make the most of #FORCE2018

Posted by Jennifer McLennan | Sep 13th 2018 | Comment

You’ve arrived early for a conference – perhaps planning to see the sites, maybe to catch up with friends. But you can’t escape work. The email nags. Deadlines haven’t disappeared. And suddenly your...