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“Real talk” on altmetrics at Force 2016

Posted by | Apr 28th 2016 | Comment

Cross-posted from the Altmetric blog Let me be the first to say it: we’ve been needing a reality check on altmetrics for some time now. Too many people still confuse altmetrics with social media “...

FORCE2016 Report by Joshua Finnell

Posted by Stacy Konkiel | Apr 28th 2016 | Comment

F2016 Report from first FORCE 11 + DLF Fellow Joshua Finnell

Software Citation Principles

Posted Apr 25th 2016 | Comment

We can put whatever we want here to describe the principles and give direction to what we want to happen next.    

FORCE2016 Twitter Analytics Report - PDF

Posted by Arfon Smith | Apr 25th 2016 | Comment

FORCE2016 Twitter Analytics Twitter Report - PDF