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New bonds: FORCE11 and the Digital Library Federation

Posted by | Dec 15th 2015 | 1 Comment

The Digital Library Federation (DLF) and FORCE11 have partnered on supporting Cross-Pollinator travel awards with the goal of bringing scholars, scientists, software engineers, librarians, and...

Practical Hacking On Identifiers at BiOSphere 2 (PHOIBOS2), Feb. 17-19, 2016, Oracle, Arizona, USA

Posted Nov 10th 2015 | Comment

In the era of big data and informatics, there is growing awareness among scientists and scientific data managers of the need for permanent, globally unique identifiers for both physical specimens and...

Cloud computing; Threat or Menace?

Posted by Ramona Walls | Nov 10th 2015 | Comment

Back in May The Economist hosted a debate on cloud computing:  Big companies have embraced the cloud more slowly than expected. Some are holding back because of the cost. Others are wary of...

Perspective: Sustaining the big-data ecosystem - Bourne, Lorsch, Green

Posted by Stephanie Hagstrom | Nov 6th 2015 | Comment

Nature Article:   Perspective: Sustaining the big-data ecosystem Philip E. Bourne, Jon R. Lorsch & Eric D. Green  

Resignation of Entire editorial staff of Elsevier journal Lingua over high price, lack of open access

Posted by Stephanie Hagstrom | Nov 4th 2015 | Comment

The entire editorial staff of the prestigious academic title Lingua have resigned in protest over the high cost of subscribing to the journal, and the refusal of the journal's publisher, Elsevier, to...

Job Opportunity -- Public Knowledge Project XML Parsing/Rendering Service

Posted by Stephanie Hagstrom | Oct 28th 2015 | Comment

Hi folks, We're hiring for a half-to-full-time position with the Public Knowledge Project, working on our XML parsing/rendering service. Project summary:

NIH: New prize ($80K-$230K) competition seeks innovative ideas to advance open science

Posted by Alex Garnett | Oct 20th 2015

Deadline:  February 29, 2016.  The National Institutes of Health has partnered with London-based Wellcome Trust to launch a global science competition for new products or services to advance “open...

FORCE11 receives award to put data citation principles into action

Posted Oct 7th 2015 | Comment

FORCE11 has received an award to fund a pilot project to continue our work to promote machine-actionable citation of data in scholarly works.  The pilot will bring together journals, publishers and...