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The Secret VIVO of Attribution

Posted by | Aug 12th 2015 | 4 Comments

The structure and composition of the typical scholarly team is changing and professionals from a diverse array of backgrounds are now contributing, often in ways that cannot be quantified through...

FORCE11: Building the Future for Research Communications and e-Scholarship

Posted by Melissa Haendel | Aug 11th 2015 | Comment

Visit any science library: Where once you would have seen racks and racks full of journals, you now see empty space. This is not evidence of decline. As we celebrate the 350th anniversary of the...

Making Data Count

Posted by Maryann Martone | Aug 11th 2015

Scientific Data 2, Article number: 150039 (2015)  ​doi:10.1038/sdata.2015.39 Received  07 April 2015 Accepted  10 July 2015 Published online  04 August 2015

Science in the Classroom

Posted Jul 28th 2015

Science Magazine from AAAS: Do you enjoy translating your science for the public?  Do you have an interest in science writing or science education?  If so, volunteering for Science in the Classroom...

Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) Guidelines

Posted Jul 21st 2015 | Comment

Transparency, open sharing, and reproducibility are core features of science, but not always part of daily practice. Journals can increase transparency and reproducibility of research by adopting the...

A New Software Track on Original Software Publications

Posted Jul 21st 2015 | Comment

 Call for Software:  Introducing Original Software Publications - A New Content Format Elsevier is proud to announce a new academic content class: Original Software Publications (OSP). Original...

REPORT: NISO JATS: Including Data in the Standardized Markup for Journal Articles

Posted by Stephanie Hagstrom | Jun 23rd 2015 | Comment


Scientific Data sharing and re-use

Posted Jun 22nd 2015 | Comment


NSF Report: Today's Data, Tomorrow's Discovery

Posted Jun 17th 2015 | Comment

Force11 mentioned in this report.  With the release of the public access plan, Today’s Data, Tomorrow’s Discoveries, the National Science Foundation (NSF) continues its commitment to expand public...