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Gummy Bears, Grad Students, and Data Wrangling

Posted by | May 27th 2014 | Comment

At the Oregon Health & Science University Library, our overarching goal is to help young researchers understand and implement data management best practices, but how do you effectively engage a...

The Unbound Book

Posted by Nicole Vasilevsky | Apr 23rd 2014 | Comment

Authors:  Adriaan van der Weel Joost Kircz Book Description What might the digital revolution we’re currently living through mean for conventional paper books? Is there a future for the long-form...

Institutions Supporting FORCE11

Posted Apr 18th 2014 | Comment

The Force 11 community thanks the following organizations for their financial support of the day-to-day operation of this website and in support of Force11 community activities...

Wiki Data Project

Posted Jan 22nd 2014

DFG-Project: Future Publications in the Humanities (Fu-PusH)

Posted Jan 18th 2014 | Comment

The DFG-Project Fu-PusH is granted for two years and aims recommendations for the production and the design of digital publications, which exploit and realize the potential of the digital media and...

Creative Commons for Science: Interview with Puneet Kishor

Posted by Stephanie Hagstrom | Dec 5th 2013 | Comment

Author: Martin Fenner Interview with FORCE11 and Data Citation Synthesis Working Group member Puneet Kishor, the Project Coordinator for Science and Data at Creative Commons.  The interview contains...

Quantifying Reproducibility in Computational Biology: The Case of the Tuberculosis Drugome

Posted Nov 27th 2013 | Comment

Authors: Daniel Garijo Sarah Kinnings Li Xie Lei Xie Yinliang Zhang Philip E. Bourne Yolanda Gil How easy is it to reproduce the results found in a typical computational biology paper? Either...