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Wiki Data Project

Posted by | Jan 22nd 2014

DFG-Project: Future Publications in the Humanities (Fu-PusH)

Posted Jan 18th 2014 | Comment

The DFG-Project Fu-PusH is granted for two years and aims recommendations for the production and the design of digital publications, which exploit and realize the potential of the digital media and...

Creative Commons for Science: Interview with Puneet Kishor

Posted by Stephanie Hagstrom | Dec 5th 2013 | Comment

Author: Martin Fenner Interview with FORCE11 and Data Citation Synthesis Working Group member Puneet Kishor, the Project Coordinator for Science and Data at Creative Commons.  The interview contains...

Quantifying Reproducibility in Computational Biology: The Case of the Tuberculosis Drugome

Posted Nov 27th 2013 | Comment

Authors: Daniel Garijo Sarah Kinnings Li Xie Lei Xie Yinliang Zhang Philip E. Bourne Yolanda Gil How easy is it to reproduce the results found in a typical computational biology paper? Either...

ENDORSE the Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles

Posted Nov 22nd 2013

The Data Citation Principles are ready for endorsement. 

How a little bit of technology can fix the editing and production processes for the social sciences.

Posted by Stephanie Hagstrom | Nov 19th 2013 | Comment

Academic text production faces many challenges. Some of them are of a technical nature. Johannes Wilm, initiator behind Fidus Writer, argues that by adapting the text editing environment for...

Genome-wide histone acetylation is altered in a transgenic mouse model of Huntington's disease.

Posted by Eugenio Battaglia | Nov 17th 2013 | Comment

Authors: McFarland, Karen N Das, Sudeshna Sun, Ting Ting Leyfer, Dmitri Xia, Eva Sangrey, Gavin R Kuhn, Alexandre Luthi-Carter, Ruth Clark, Timothy W Sadri-Vakili, Ghazaleh Cha, Jang-Ho J...