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The Future of the Book: CommentPress Plugin for Wordpress

Posted by | Aug 20th 2013 | Comment

CommentPress is an open source theme and plugin for the WordPress blogging engine that allows readers to comment paragraph-by-paragraph, line-by-line or block-by-block in the margins of a text....

If We Share Data, Will Anyone Use Them? Data Sharing and Reuse in the Long Tail of Science and Technology

Posted Aug 6th 2013 | Comment

Article by FORCE11 member Christine Borgman  and colleagues in PLoS ONE on a 10 year study of data sharing practices at the Center for Embedded Network Sensing (CENS),

President Obama Nominates New National Science Foundation Director

Posted by Maryann Martone | Aug 2nd 2013 | Comment

Friday, August 2, 2013 The White House announced that President Obama intends to nominate physicist Dr. France Anne Cordova to be the next NSF Director. We do not yet know when Dr. Cordova's...

Joining a CHORUS, Publishers Offer the OSTP a Proactive, Modern, and Cost-Saving Public Access Solution

Posted by shagstrom | Jun 7th 2013 | Comment

Author: Kent Anderson

Scientific Publishers Offer Solution to White House's Public Access Mandate

Posted by Maryann Martone | Jun 7th 2013 | Comment

Author: Jocelyn Kaiser A group of scientific publishers today announced a plan for allowing the public to read taxpayer-funded research papers for free by linking to journals' own websites. The...

Data Sharing and Metadata Curation: Obstacles and Strategies:

Posted by Maryann Martone | Jun 6th 2013 | Comment

Future strategies for managing scientific data and metadata for basic and applied research May 29, 2013 National Science Foundation Arlington, VA  The purpose of this workshop was to have focused...

Stitching science together.

Posted May 24th 2013 | Comment

Author: Cameron Neylon Journal: Nature 2009 vol 461 issue 7266 pagination 881 PMID: 19829355 PMCID: 0 ISSN: 1476-4687

Article-level metrics and the evolution of scientific impact.

Posted by Tim Clark | May 24th 2013 | Comment

Author: Cameron Neylon Wu, Shirley Journal: PLoS Biol 2009 vol 7 issue 11 pagination e1000242 PMID: 19918558 PMCID: 0 ISSN: 1545-7885

Head in the clouds: Re-imagining the experimental laboratory record for the web-based networked world.

Posted by Tim Clark | May 24th 2013 | Comment

Author: Cameron Neylon The means we use to record the process of carrying out research remains tied to the concept of a paginated paper notebook despite the advances over the past decade in web based...

Three stories about the conduct of science: Past, future, and present.

Posted by Tim Clark | May 24th 2013 | Comment

Authors: Cameron Neylon In this piece I would like to tell a few stories; three stories to be precise. Firstly I want to explain where I am, where I've come from and what has led me to the views that...