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Vivo hiring Director

Posted by | Sep 20th 2013 | Comment

VIVO is hiring!  Project Director, VIVO DuraSpace is seeking a dynamic and entrepreneurial Project Director for the open source! VIVO project.


Posted by Stephanie Hagstrom | Sep 13th 2013 | Comment

FORCE11 is a community working together in support of the goal of advancing scholarly communication. The website has been set up for this growing community to gather and disseminate information. We...

Open Science @ Session B: Open and Citizen Science in the heart of Europe @ OkCon 2013

Posted Sep 13th 2013 | Comment

Hi! as HackYourPhD, p2p Foundation, Open Science Federation and other fellas we propose two ideas for the Session B at the Open Knowledge Conference in Geneve [ #OkCon ], on the last day, ...

Start a Community Working Group or Project

Posted by Eugenio Battaglia | Sep 11th 2013 | Comment

Force 11 has added space on the website for working groups to collaborate on projects. If you wish to start a working group fill out an application here or contact for setup...

Many Papers Lack Detailed Methods

Posted Sep 6th 2013 | Comment

Published in TheScientist - Nearly half of scientific publications lack sufficient information about the research resources needed to reproduce experimental findings, a study finds.


Posted Sep 4th 2013 | Comment

Thanks to the Website Upgrade Team. Eugenio Battaglia, University of Turin; Scott Blair, Calit2; Jonathan Cachat, UCSD; Stephanie Hagstrom, UCSD; Maryann Martone, UCSD; Willy Suwanto, UCSD; and...

FORCE11 has a Mendeley Group!

Posted Aug 29th 2013 | Comment

Add papers and articles to the FORCE11 Medeley Group.

USA Federal Grants

Posted by Maryann Martone | Aug 20th 2013 | Comment

About is your place to FIND and APPLY for federal grants. The United States Department of Health and Human Services is proud to be the managing partner for

The Future of the Book: CommentPress Plugin for Wordpress

Posted Aug 20th 2013 | Comment

CommentPress is an open source theme and plugin for the WordPress blogging engine that allows readers to comment paragraph-by-paragraph, line-by-line or block-by-block in the margins of a text....

If We Share Data, Will Anyone Use Them? Data Sharing and Reuse in the Long Tail of Science and Technology

Posted Aug 6th 2013 | Comment

Article by FORCE11 member Christine Borgman  and colleagues in PLoS ONE on a 10 year study of data sharing practices at the Center for Embedded Network Sensing (CENS),