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Biotea: RDFizing PubMed Central in support for the paper as an interface to the Web of Data

Posted Oct 16th 2013 | Comment

Authors: Leyla Garcia Casey McLaughlin Alexander Garcia Background The World Wide Web has become a dissemination platform for scientific and non-scientific publications. However, most of the...

IBM Announcing the IMPROVER Network Verification Challenge

Posted by Alex Garcia-Castro | Oct 14th 2013

IBM has just launched the third sbv IMPROVER challenge (, theBiological Network Verification Challenge (NVC). The aim of this challenge is to develop and refine pathways using...

Reporting Research Antibody Use: How to Increase Experimental Reproducibility

Posted Oct 14th 2013 | Comment

Authors: Matthew A Helsby Joe R Fenn Andrew D Chalmers Research antibodies are used in a wide range of bioscience disciplines, yet it is common to hear dissatisfaction amongst researchers with...

BRDI Announces Data and Information Challenge

Posted by Matt Helsby | Oct 9th 2013 | Comment

The National Academy of Sciences Board on Research Data and Information (BRDI; announces an open challenge to increase awareness of current issues and opportunities in research data...

Secretive and Subjective, Peer Review Proves Resistant to Study

Posted by Stephanie Hagstrom | Oct 3rd 2013 | Comment

Author: Jennifer Couzin-Frankel ...while many pieces of the publications puzzle are yielding to scrutiny, the peer-review process itself is not. "Nothing much has changed in 25 years," says Ana...

Vivo hiring Director

Posted Sep 20th 2013 | Comment

VIVO is hiring!  Project Director, VIVO DuraSpace is seeking a dynamic and entrepreneurial Project Director for the open source! VIVO project.  


Posted by Stephanie Hagstrom | Sep 13th 2013 | Comment

FORCE11 is a community working together in support of the goal of advancing scholarly communication. The website has been set up for this growing community to gather and disseminate information. We...

Open Science @ Session B: Open and Citizen Science in the heart of Europe @ OkCon 2013

Posted Sep 13th 2013 | Comment

Hi! as HackYourPhD, p2p Foundation, Open Science Federation and other fellas we propose two ideas for the Session B at the Open Knowledge Conference in Geneve [ #OkCon ], on the last day, ...