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Open semantic annotation of scientific publications using DOMEO

Posted by | May 23rd 2013 | Comment

Authors: Ciccarese, Paolo Ocana, Marco Clark, Tim Background Our group has developed a useful shared software framework for performing, versioning, sharing and viewing Web annotations of a number...

Micropublications: a Semantic Model for Claims, Evidence, Arguments and Annotations in Biomedical Communications

Posted by Tim Clark | May 23rd 2013 | Comment

Authors:Clark, Tim Ciccarese, Paolo Carole Goble The Micropublications semantic model for scientific claims, evidence, argumentation and annotation in biomedical publications, is presented here....

PLoS: Accelerating Science Award Program

Posted by Tim Clark | May 2nd 2013 | Comment

The Accelerating Science Award Program (ASAP) recognizes individuals who have used, applied, or remixed scientific research — published through Open Access — to make a difference in science, medicine...

SPARC FAQ for the Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act (FASTR)

Posted Apr 26th 2013 | Comment

The bipartisan Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act (FASTR) was introduced in Congress on February 14, 2013. Co-sponsored in the Senate by Sens. John Cornyn (R-TX) and Ron Wyden (D-OR)...

Top Ten Reasons To Not Share Your Code (and why you should anyway)

Posted Apr 17th 2013 | Comment

Author: Randall J. LeVeque Publisher: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

NPG to launch Scientific Data to help scientists publish and reuse research data

Posted Apr 5th 2013 | Comment

NPG to launch Scientific Data to help scientists publish and reuse research data PRESS RELEASE FROM NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP 4 April 2013 Contact: Rachel Scheer Corporate Public Relations,...

Input requested: Consultation on directions for Future and Emerging Technologies research

Posted by Maryann Martone | Mar 29th 2013 | 1 Comment

Topic Refinement: objective & guiding criteria  As part of our ongoing effort to chart and shape the evolving landscape of future and emerging technologies, we have launched a public...

Why may Google textmine but Scientists may not?

Posted by Maryann Martone | Mar 15th 2013 | Comment

Author: Piwowar, Heather "Check out the robot.txt files for PMC  for /pmc/articles/  and notice that GoogleBot is allowed, Bing and a few others are allowed, but User-Agent:* (the rest of us) are not...

A survey of the neuroscience resource landscape: perspectives from the neuroscience information framework.

Posted by Maryann Martone | Mar 2nd 2013 | Comment

Authors: Cachat, Jonathan Bandrowski, Anita Grethe, Jeffery S Gupta, Amarnath Astakhov, Vadim Imam, Fahim Larson, Stephen D Martone, Maryann E The number of available neuroscience resources (...

Chaotic Nihilists and Semantic Idealists

Posted by Jonathan Cachat | Feb 10th 2013 | Comment

Author: Alistair Croll Series: Datanami 2013