This section features recommendations and products for improving scholarly communication produced by FORCE11 working groups.


Posted Jun 6th 2017

Licensed under CC0 Our Code FORCE11 is a community-run membership organization focused on the advancement of research and scholarship. Our events are community-organized and...

Mission and Guiding Principles

Posted May 22nd 2015

Mission The mission of FORCE11 is to improve research practices by supporting innovations in the ways knowledge is created and shared across research disciplines, communities, sectors and timeframes...

FORCE11 Manifesto

Posted May 11th 2015 | 1 Comment

Go to the discussion area   THIS DOCUMENT IS A PART OF THE FORCE11 HISTORICAL ARCHIVES   Improving Future Research Communication and e-Scholarship Editors: Phil E. Bournea, Tim Clarkb,...

Beyond the PDF2: Outcomes

Posted by Maryann Martone | Mar 23rd 2013

The BtPDF2 meeting generated a lot of enthusiasm, collaborations and concrete actions.  We'd like to be able to track these through FORCE11 so we can keep the momentum going.  Please feel free to...