Crowdreviewing: the sharing economy at its finest

The current review process of scientific articles is outdated. Only a few reviewers assess the quality of papers before publication. Many more experts read them after publication, have a strong opinion about their contents, but are hardly able to share it to a wide audience. Academics would greatly benefit from crowdreviewing, a post-publication peer review (PPPR) process in which anyone who has read a scientific article is asked to review it according to a standardized set of questions. Today’s consumers themselves decide whether the consumed good meets their quality standards, and this is quickly and easily shared with the rest of the world. Others can then let their demand for the reviewed good depend on the reviews. Interested people observe the articles’ quality (and the reasons why) at a glance. Visibility of the reviews, including comments and remarks, will even have an upward effect on the quality of future research. The sharing economy at its finest, applied to academia.
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Werner Liebregts
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