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Data Citation Synthesis Working Group

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**This group was formerly known as:  Data Citation Workgroup and The Amsterdam Manifesto

Mission Statement

The data citation synthesis group is a cross-team committee leveraging the perspectives from the various existing initiatives working on data citation to  produce a consolidated set of data citation principles (based on the Amsterdam Manifesto, the CODATA and other sets of principles provided by others) in order to encourage broad adoption of a consistent policy for data citation across disciplines and venues.  The synthesis group will review existing efforts and make a set of recommendations that will be put up for endorsement by the organizations represented by this synthesis group.

The synthesis group will produce a set of principles, illustrated with working examples, and a plan for dissemination and distribution.  This group will not be producing detailed specifications for implementation, nor focus on technologies or tools


The Synthesis group met in Washington DC on September 18, 2103 to complete the first draf of consolidated Principles. These Principles will go under review and then disseminated in the upcoming months. The estimated timeline is as follows:

November 1, 2013:

- Provide a web page for the Declaration of Data Citation Principles, which includes the Principles, a preface, a visual example with definitions, and a set of references supporting the Principles.

November 21:   Invite stakeholders to review the Principles and provide feedback until the end of  the year.

January, 2014:

- Incorporate feedback into Principles

February, 2014:

- Start dissemination and endorsement process



This working group started as the Amsterdam Manifesto working group, winner of the $1K challenge, is working to facilitate distribution of and endorsement of the Amsterdam Manifesto crafted during the Force 11 Beyond the PDF2 conference in The Netherlands.  The document is meant to promote best practices in data citation to facilitate access to data sets and to enable attribution and reward for those who publish data. Through formal data citation, the contributions to science by those that share their data will be recognized and potentially rewarded.  

Since this time, 25+ organizations have gathered together to create the Data Citation Synthesis Group to create a set of principles on DataCitation across disciplines.  

July 5, 2013:  The FORCE11 Data Citation Synthesis Group has been formed through the cooperation of individuals across several projects that are working on the problem of data citation.  This group will review recommendations from existing groups and work to create a consensus set of principles.   A smaller working group of individuals representing these projects will meet via teleconference over the next few months in preparation for a workshop at the Research Data Alliance conference.  See below information and Synthesis Group Wiki page  for further actions and progress.

 Synthesis Group Wiki 

We currently have 1,219 active members.

Data Citation Synthesis Working Group members

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