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HUBzero, NCIP Hub, and CatalyzeCare: Community driven open access platforms for sharing and collaboration in cancer and medical informatics research
The HUBzero platform is an infrastructure enabling online scientific communities to collaborate and share information and computational resources. In disease research and care improvement, HUBzero has been adopted by the National Cancer Institute and the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering (RCHE) to form the HUBs NCIP Hub and CatalyzeCare. A goal of the National Cancer Informatics Program is to enable cancer researchers to create community driven, adaptive, and collaborative environments to promote exchange of research ideas and resources. The NCIP Hub provides this online collaboratory for the cancer research community. Members can contribute and use software tools, data, standards, or other relevant digital assets in this growing open access resource. NCIP Hub hosts nearly 400 public resources from topics including imaging, pathology and informatics. NCI's National Outreach Network has created a community of 'Community Health Educators’ in NCIP Hub sharing the educational materials developed as part of their goals under the umbrella program to increase community knowledge and promote a diverse cancer health disparities workforce. RCHE has formed the community Infusion Pump Informatics (IPI) on their CatalyzeCare hub that has been adopted by more than 130 hospitals. Hospitals voluntarily contribute the alert streams emanating from smart IV pumps to the IPI community. As part of the agreement for joining, such hospitals are able to benchmark themselves against the other hospitals in the community. Collectively, their goal is to improve overall patient safety by creating a set of best practices regarding infusion pump alarm treatment processes. As these communities interact with NCIP Hub and CatalyzeCare, we expect to contribute to the creation of a ‘community impact score’ based on data sharing, software sharing, discoverability, annotation, and of course use and reuse. Individuals engaged in cancer research or medical device informatics can become members and contribute by visiting or respectively.
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Purdue University
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National Cancer Institute
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