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Sauvie Island

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From DMP to Open: Managing the Research Lifecycle
New policies imposed by funding agencies, publishers, and institutions on output from funded research are rapidly changing the scholarly publishing and research data landscapes. Collaboration around research data and the development of scholarly communication initiatives are fast becoming a requirement at institutions as more and more funding bodies mandate research data sharing. With the rise in funder mandates and public access policies around funded research, researchers, as well as publishers and institutions, are faced with a compliance puzzle. This puzzle is one of the main drivers for the continuing evolution of At Figshare, we build tools to support researchers, publishers, and institutions that aid in the storing, sharing, and discoverability of both the positive and negative research outputs. By encouraging publishing of figures, data, code, and more rather than being limited to the traditional 'paper', knowledge can be shared more quickly and effectively in a transparent, reusable fashion. Good data management and infrastructure is at the foundation of reproducible and reusable research. This demo will highlight some of the work we've been doing with individual researchers and institutions to simplify the workflow and aid in the discovery and reuse of research.
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