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What Drives Usage? Ask Big Data
The scholarly community has long since embraced the digital transformation; however, despite its acknowledged value, the majority of content providers have failed to embrace the big data revolution. Harvesting and analyzing usage data promises significant advantages in promoting content discovery and engagement. Understanding end user workflows through a content platform allows organizations to better understand what features contribute to discovery and increase engagement rather than clutter the interface and negatively affect usage. User expectations with our content delivery platforms is defined by online consumer environments such as Amazon and iTunes that have massive research and development budgets. They are constantly being optimized based on insights derived from usage data. I will be illustrating a new usage analytics platform called Inqwell, which uses the industry’s own COUNTER standard to provide reliable, auditable usage data in an easy and affordable way. Inqwell allows for a scalable, secure, standardized way of making usage data contribute to the dissemination of scholarly communication. It promotes collaboration between the industry’s existing players, as well as facilitates new initiatives, with its open standards: anyone can develop a new data-driven application and offer it to all content providers who will have pushed their data to the platform, reducing the barriers to entry and empowering open innovation initiatives.
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