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Sauvie Island

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Loop: Taking Open Access publishing to the next level by bridging the gap between publishing platforms, organisations and researchers.
With millions of research papers and terabytes of data being published each year, the challenge lies in making the information easily available to the academic community and beyond. Open-access publishing has set the basis by making research articles freely accessible, but we now have to find new ways to disseminate research results independently of publishing platforms and repositories. Not only do researchers strive to gain visibility for their work, they also need to be able to easily find and access content that is relevant to them and be able to collaborate post publication. Loop takes open-access to the next level: It improves the impact and discoverability of researchers and their work and helps them stay on top of the research output being published every day. Loop is an open research network that connects original content to a universal academic profile, facilitating easier ways to find and share knowledge. It is available for integration into all journals and academic websites – bridging the gap between publishers, organizations, and the researchers themselves.
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