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miniReproducibility Project-Crowdsourcing reproduced data to an interactive, incentivized, easy to visualize website
An estimated 28 billion dollars are lost due to irreproducible research. But, researchers spend months to years confirming previously published data. Then why is science plagued by a lack of reproducibility? One reason is that these experiments are not considered publishable and never become publically available. Trainees “reinvent the wheel” with differing methodology, do not get credit for their efforts and often have to bury their results if they do not reproduce a previously published phenotype. We believe that trainees should get ongoing recognition for all of their effort, not just for the terminal publication. We are crafting a seamless interactive experience for sharing research data by a) crowdsourcing data and methods using b) implicit and explicit incentives and c) building community amongst users. We were recently selected to participate in the Open Research Accelerator by Mozilla Science Lab. In phase I, we have created a web based tool for user-driven annotation of “experimental replicates” from any open access data repository or journal. Linked replicates are immediately collected on our platform for easy visualization-all replicates on one page. Now, we are working to create a user ladder. Users will be able to rate and review the replicate. To incentivize usage, user rights will be tiered with increasing prestige (pioneer-->scholar--->catalyst), reviewing and commenting rights, and goodies donated by biotech (antibodies, kits etc.). Lastly in the growth phase, we envision creating communities in various research fields by leveraging early adopters.
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