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Sauvie Island

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Project Jupyter: a platform for open science and reproducible research
Project Jupyter (, evolved from IPython, is a platform for computation and data science used across a range of disciplines in research, education and industry. It offers tools for interactive computing across multiple programming languages, from traditional terminals to the widely used Jupyter Notebook. This provides a web-based environment where users can execute live code and directly view its results, combining them with free-form narrative including rich formatting and mathematics, as well as audio, video, and interactive JavaScript-based content. Originally focused on the Python programming language, Jupyter today supports over 50 different languages, including Julia, R, Scala, C++, Matlab, IDL and more. These Notebooks are thus live computational research documents where users can explore data, algorithms and ideas, visualize their results and share their conclusions with others. Notebooks can then be version-controlled, exported to HTML, converted to PDF or other formats. They are now widely used as a tool for collaboration and reproducible research, with over 200,000 Notebooks being shared today on GitHub, many university courses being taught using Notebooks as the class platform, and multiple academic papers providing Notebooks to share the underlying steps behind the research results. In this demo, I will present how the platform works, and how many of its varied components can be used by scientists in a variety of steps of the research workflow. I will also show how the underlying architecture can be used beyond the Notebook application, using the components in a variety of ways to solve different problems that go beyond the document-oriented workflow that the Notebook is suited for.
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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory