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Open Access Academy
In general students and early stage researchers (ESRs) know little about publishing and even less about Open Access (OA) publishing. We’re currently just end surveying students and ESRs about OA publishing. Results from around 1000 participants, from all over the globe, showing that 27% haven’t heard of OA publishing, 88% haven’t received training on OA publishing but 90% would like training or guidance on OA publishing ( Similar surveys in Serbia ( and at Germany ( show similarly high numbers. These figures are a call to action! Open Access Academy (OAA) is our respond. With OAA, we are trying to provide resources, support and advice for students and ESRs in their journey from writing to publishing papers. By raising awareness, providing training, and support about OA publishing we are trying to positively impact society, creating a world where all people can freely access and reuse research results. In the age of the internet using the old way of publishing (paper journals, subscription access) slows down research and drains money from taxpayers who finance most of research. Free access and reuse of research results also has positive economic impact on education and research institutions since they can repurpose the money that they are now spending on accessing scientific results from publications for research. When research is liberated from behind paywalls gives the possibility for greater economic impact as businesses can assess and use it at lower cost. The Open Access Academy (OAA), is a portal (under development) for students and ESRs that provides all necessary information about OA publishing. OAA portal is still in beta phase but already attracting over 7000 unique visitors per month.
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University of Novi Sad / University of Tor Vergata
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Max Planck Institute
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