Presentations and Slides

FORCE11 Scholarly Communication Institute Presentations.

AM2 - Scholarship in the 21th Century

Author / Presenter: Maryann Martone, Stefan Tanaka, Lily Troia, Allegra Swift, Yolanda Gil

Yolanda Gil's presentation:

AM3 - Building an Open and Information-rich Research Institution

Author / Presenter: Danny Kingsley, Sarah Shreeves

Zotero -  and "Building an open, information rich institution" five day...

AM4 - Research Reproducibility in Theory and Practice

Author / Presenter: Courtney Soderberg, Jennifer Freeman Smith

Results/Methods/gslides - Center For Open Science] Research Reproducibility in Theory and Practice: 2017 FSCI...

AM5 - When 'Global' is Local: Scholarly Communications in the Global South

Author / Presenter: Dan O'Donnell, Robin Champieux, Gimena Del Rio Riande

Course material: Notes: Full...

AM7 - Data in the Scholarly Communications Life Cycle

Author / Presenter: Natasha Simons

Course materials:

MT1 - Open Humanities 101

Author / Presenter: Nicky Agate


MT10 - Technology and Tools for Academic Library Team

Author / Presenter: Erin O'Meara

 Tool spreadsheet:

MT6 - Opening Up Research and Data

Author / Presenter: Gaurav Godhwani

MT8 - Perspectives on Peer Review

Author / Presenter: John Hilton

WT2 - Software Citation: Principles, Usage, Benefits, and Challenges

Author / Presenter: Daniel S. Katz, Martin Fenner - FSCI 2017 Software Citation Course (WT02)

WT3 - AuthorCarpentry: A Hands-on Approach to Open Authorship and Publishing

Author / Presenter: Gail Clement, Tom Morrell

Course mateirals: 1. 2. 3.

WT7 - Using Wikidata in Research and Curation

Author / Presenter: Daniel Mietchen

Course materials: