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The following information is provided for instructors. We will be updating this page often.


Code of Conduct     Course Materials and Timeline      Orientation     Schedule     Classroom Information     Instructor Resources


Code of Conduct


    Instructor Orientation



    There will be scheduled pre-event instructor orientations via conference call on Tuesday, May 21st and Wednesday, May 22nd at 8:00 AM PST.  An invitation will be sent out and please come back here for any more updates.  


    Call-in information - ZOOM


    Instructor Meeting - Review of week activities, updates to course information.  

    Sunday, August 4, 2019 5:00pm - 6:00pm (Optional)

    Instructor Course Materials and Timeline


    Link to Google Drive Instructor folders

    Link to Website Course List and Course Abstracts

    • Monday, June 3 - Draft Course Syllabus due
    • Monday, June 10 - URL Links to Syllabus added to course listing on FSCI website
    • Monday, July 1 - Final date for any updates to your Syllabus and resources
    • Friday, July 5 - Final syllabus and materials will be distributed to course participants

    Instructor Compensation

    Here is a list of items that will be provided for each course

    • (1) Complimentary Registration Fees
    • (1) Complimentary Tuition
    • Daily Meals during the Institute (Mon - Fri) included for those staying on campus.  
    • On-campus housing ONLY Sun - Fri single room  - Note: For those who are traveling from afar we can also provide a room on Sat night
    • Travel reimbursement upon request.  Coach fares. International fare reimbursement up to $1,500.00. Domestic fare reimbursement up to $800.

    FSCI Schedule

    There are two class periods of three hours each day (on Monday, the morning class period only will be two hours rather than three to allow a plenary session for introductions). Morning (AM) classes run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for the week (12 hours total). Afternoon classes run either Monday-Tuesday (MT), or Wednesday-Thursday (WT) (6 hours each). We will be scheduling during the event times where classes will be able to present their materials during a plenary session.

    There is a common lunch break between 12:00-1:00 pm each day. Meals are provided for those who are staying at the on-campus housing and will be served at the cafeteria next to the dorm location. For those not staying in on-campus housing, here is a list of restaurants where you will be able to order food. Make sure to release students on time so they can get their lunch.


    FSCI Opening Plenary

    Monday, August 5, 2019 9:00AM- 9:30AM

    AM Courses (AM)

    Monday 10:00AM- 12:00PM

    Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9:00AM- 12:00PM

    Afternoon Courses (MT) and (WT) - 6 hours each

    Monday and Tuesday (MT) 1:00PM- 4:00PM

    Wednesday and Thursday (WT) 1:00PM- 4:00PM


    Classroom Information

    We have booked classrooms for each class at two different buildings: Palisades and Venice at Carnesale Commons and De Neve Plaza. Below are the classroom names, descriptions, and amenities. Rooms will be assigned and posted on the course list on July 15.  

    Palisades ABCF Projector, Sound & Screen
    Palisades D

    Projector, Sound & Screen

    Palisades E Projector, Sound & Screen
    Venice Projector, Sound & Screen
    De Neve A1 Lounge Screen, TV, Whiteboard
    De Neve A3 Lounge Screen, TV, Whiteboard
    De Neve A4 Lounge Screen, TV, Whiteboard
    De Neve B2 Lounge Screen, TV, Whiteboard
    De Neve B3 Lounge Screen, TV, Whiteboard
    De Neve B4 Lounge Projector, Screen, Whiteboard
    De Neve B5 Lounge Projector, Screen, Whiteboard
    De Neve B6 Lounge Projector, Screen, Whiteboard


    Same rooms will be used for AM and PM courses, so after your class please arrange the room back to its original format.

    If you have additional needs, please let us know '' and we will try to accommodate your requests.  


    Equipment and Classroom Outline:

    • All projectors are equipped with sound
    • Rooms that do not have a projector, but have a TV, are equipped with sound through the TV
    • Please bring your own laptop
    • You may use blue painters tape and sticky notes on the wall, but please remove them when your class is over


    Instructor Resources



    • If you need supplies there is a bookstore on campus located in Ackerman- B Level and Hill Top Shop near De Neve Housing where you can buy supplies. FSCI does not have a budget for these additional items. We may have access to a few flip charts and pads of paper. If you need one of these, please send a note to ‘’ and inquire if available.


    Assessment Questionaire

    • We will be using a survey to evaluate each course and the institute as a whole.  Individual classes may, of course, prepare a course survey for their individual classes. For your class only, you may send out an additional assessment questionaire a couple of months after the workshop to better understand the impact of the class.


    Advance Contact with Participants

    • If you wish you may contact students prior to the event, but it is best protocol to use the bcc unless you ask individuals if it is okay to include everyone’s email in the ‘to’ area. Each instructor will be given their course participant list in advance of FSCI.


    Permissions Statement

    To be provided prior to the start of FSCI

    Other Relevant Information