About FSCI

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The practice and communication of scientific and scholarly communication is in the middle of a system-wide revolution. Every aspect of research and data management, from practice, to funding, to administration, to publication is undergoing rapid change. There are new formats, new standards and expectations, new types of publication, new ways of measuring and demonstrating success, new dangers and pitfalls. 

Keeping up with and understanding this change is a problem for everyone workings in or with advanced scientific and scholarly research. How can we use new forms and techniques to maximize impact, ensure longevity, measure and ensure quality? How can we understand the implications of new publication formats, new audiences, and new expectations from the public, funders, and institutions? How can we keep up?


The Force11 Scholarly Communication Institute at UCLA (FSCI) is the answer. The week-long summer school brings the latest developments in research communication to the research community in a fun and informative way. Instructors include leading researchers and practitioners from the world of research, libraries, publishing, and research administration. Its courses range from basic orientation to the new standards and expectations to classes on the most advanced topics. Its goal is to provide a friendly, community-based way of learning about and keeping up to date on the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities that are transforming the way science and scholarship is done.

Courses cover new and emerging topics in scholarly communication from a multidisciplinary and global perspective: from research ethics, rigor and responsibility, and measuring impact to new publishing technologies and forms of scholarly publication. Whether you’re a researcher, a librarian, or an administrator, you’ll encounter new ideas, challenge your preconceptions, and return home with ideas, tools, and tactics for instigating change at your institution. See what past attendees have to say about their FSCI experience.  


FSCI is intended for anybody who is interested in the developing new world of Scholarly Communication: researchers, librarians, publishers, university and research administration, funders, students, and postdocs. There are courses for those who know very little about the current trends and technologies, as well as courses for those who are interested in more advanced topics. Our courses cover Scholarly Communication from a variety of disciplinary and regional and national perspectives. We have courses that will be of interest to the scientist, the social scientist, and the Humanities researcher. There are courses for those who manage, organize, and publish research as well as for the researchers themselves and end-users.


FSCI is organized by FORCE11 (The Future of Research Communication and eScholarship) in collaboration with the UCLA Library. Force11 is a community of scholars, librarians, archivists, publishers and research funders that arose organically to study and facilitate new developments in knowledge creation and communication. In its short history, it has already had an outsized impact on the practice of Open and FAIR scholarly communication, facilitating community work on such impactful initiatives as the Data Citation and FAIR data principles. Membership is open to all who share this interest!  Join Today.