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This challenge is about breaking down silos and discovering best practices in research communication across disciplinary boundaries. Using matching funds from the Lethbridge Journal Incubator and Advancing Research Communication & Scholarship (ARCS), we propose using the £1k to commission four early career researchers (graduate students or post-docs) to investigate cross-disciplinary and trans-national best practice in research communication, focusing on innovations that have been proven in one area, but have not been widely adopted in others. The four early career researchers will include at least one researcher from each of the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and library and information studies. One position will be reserved for a researcher with direct experience in research communication in a mid or low income economy. The £1K award will be matched by ARCS and the University of Lethbridge Journal Incubator to pay the researchers a US$500 stipend, and to provide up to another US$1000 in travel costs for the final results to be shared at Force 2016 in Portland, Oregon, USA.
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Robin Champieux, Daniel Paul O'Donnell
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