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    This is a group open to anyone who would like to help provide easy-to-understand materials for researchers, repository managers and publishers who are ready to implement data citation.


    Many questions persist in the minds of those who would like to implement data citation in scholarly journals. This group seeks to:

    • list and group the most common of these questions
    • provide answers to as many of the questions as possible
    • and, where this is not possible, identify the issues that remain.
    • provides illustrations and examples of human and machine-readable data citations


    1. Establish meeting schedule and work practices

    2. Identify sources for top questions and question categories (avoid re-inventing wheels)

    •  Establish relationships with other expert groups to help aggregate and organize FAQs arising from these groups

    3. Create pages

    • FAQs 
    • Annotated primer on data citation, from the researcher, repository manager and publisher perspective

    Deliverables and Timeline

    Timeline to be determined by working group 


    Group Email:

    Working Group Participation