Open Climate Knowledge

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#OCK – 100% open research for climate change

Open Climate Knowledge (OCK) is an open research project for data mining Open Access (OA) papers related to Climate Change — to build stats on OA rates, and for the researcher to use in their work. OCK is intended for researchers inside and outside of academe. Get involved! Run the software yourself or contribute to the research project. You can see open tasks and areas of expertise that need covering here. If you have questions or comments then raise an issue on GitHub or message on Twitter with the hashtag #OCK. The mission of OCK is to make research related to climate change 100% open. Currently, research publishing related to climate change appears to be at rates of <30% open access. (Tai and Robinson 2018)


OCK has two goals:

- Firstly, to build a knowledge base on rates of open research
    using Peter Murray-Rust's data mining software OpenNotebook, and
 - Secondly, to make a plan and recommendations about how to
    transition to 100% open research.

Deliverables and Timeline

6 - 12 months


A GitHub repository has been run since September with a data mining software system in place for others to use . The project has been presented on three occasions and feedback taken. Plans have been drawn up to engage our selected communities to make demonstration examples of the data mining software, for bibliometrics, climate scientists, and citizen scientists. Engagement with the community will be facilitated by making support documentation and by publishing reports and recommendations on how to increase rates of OA and open research related to climate change. Additionally, we will take part in two public events in Q1 2020 to promote the project. The project has the support of two organizations TIB - German National Library of Science and Technology, and Generation Research an open science editorial platform.

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