Reimagining Educational Practices for Open (REPO)

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We're seeking to understand and normalise current global Open Scholarship practices within the research ecosystem. As a first step the Sloan Foundation is funding us to:

  • Engage with a range of open science initiatives in ongoing dialogue and improved collaboration
  • Document varied initiatives and emerging best practices in the development and delivery of crisis and post-crisis online Open Science
  • Produce an interview protocol/question set for eliciting current practices among the proposal partners and data on the adaptation of the Open Science community in the face of the COVID crisis

We believe this is about more than just the mechanics of the system, it's also about the culture (which will take longer to change).


A number of people/organisations are already engaging with the project. However, we want to connect particularly with those outside of the 'usual suspects'. We are keen to build a permanent global OS training network and are seeking to engage both with established programmes and with those who are starting out/working in local languages/contending with sub-optimal infrastructures etc.

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