Decision tree prototype - Open software (v0.2)

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Version 0.3 of the Open Software Decision tree is now available as a PDF.  Release notes:  Converted into Policy Model format, but without hyperlinks natively embedded (coming soon), so available as a PDF where the hyperlinks were submitted manually.


This diagram is malformed in multiple places and I can't tell what was intended. Technical discussion seems premature, however, it's probably worth having a path for non-permissive/copyleft open source licenses. There are also useful things to consider before starting a project.

Thank you for the feedback.   It's difficult to create these without dedicated software, and we've just started using it.  Here is a first pass.  Do you like this style better?  So apologies!  It is an interesting question whether copy left licenses are consistent with the commons, in that they would interfere with some users being able to take advantage of the software, wouldn't they?

Can I see the whole tree in overview or do I have to click through each option?

Copyleft licenses don't prevent anyone from using the software, but it does prevent certain business models (namely those that don't pass rights along to the user). I generally advocate permissive licenses, but copyleft licenses are a legitimate option and certainly better than not releasing code.

We are still working on the visualization, but in addition to the questionairre style, you can see the entire tree at

Hi Everyone:

We have a new version that is available, but I can't seem to post that information to this web page.  So I've posted an annotated PDF here.