FORCE2015 Conference

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FORCE2015 Outcomes:

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Live Streaming Video (Monday and Tuesday)

The £1K Challenge

(also known as the €1.3k or the $1.5k challenge)

What would you do with £1k today to make research communication better, anticipating the increasing scale of people and machines?

View current £1K Challenge submissions by clicking here. Note that members must log-in to vote. Voting will be enabled following the submission deadline.

A trailer for the Poster and Demo session at the 2015 FORCE Conference.

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

In 1665 the Royal Society of London launched its Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, the world’s first journal of science. In 2015 the academic publishing industry can celebrate the 350th anniversary of this important landmark. We are marking this by inviting attendees to view the Bodleian Library’s copies of the first issue of Philosophical Transactions, which includes a copy presented to the library by Sir Christopher Wren. Find out more



Philip E. Bourne PhD, National Institutes of HealthPhilip E. Bourne PhD
National Institutes of Health
Christopher John Lintott, PhD  University of OxfordChristopher John Lintott, PhD
University of Oxford
Amy Friedlander, PhDAmy Friedlander, PhD
National Science Foundation


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