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Enhancing Scholarly Communication with ReproZip

Contact: Fernando Chirigati
Organization/Affiliation: New York University

Eyes Without A Face: Research, Annotation and Sharing in a Multimodal Literacy Frame

Contact: Darren Chase
Organization/Affiliation: Stony Brook University Libraries

What kinds of research are cited quickly in policy documents? Results from an exploratory study

Contact: Stacy Konkiel
Organization/Affiliation: Altmetric LLC

Dash: Data Sharing Made Easy

Contact: John Kratz
Organization/Affiliation: California Digital Library

Enhancing the discoverability, accessibility and citability of 'omics datasets

Contact: Neil McKenna
Organization/Affiliation: Baylor College of Medicine

Getting the Rights right: Understanding the legal barriers to research data sharing

Contact: Gail Clement
Organization/Affiliation: Caltech Library

From Data Sharing to Study Reproducibility: The Stanford Center for Reproducible Neuroscience

Contact: Eric Miller
Organization/Affiliation: Squishymedia

Communicating science as it is - a dynamic and exploratory process of evolution

Contact: Prashant Gupta
Organization/Affiliation: University of Auckland

miniReproducibility Project-Crowdsourcing reproduced data to an interactive, incentivized, easy to visualize website

Contact: Girija Goyal
Organization/Affiliation: Scimpact Publishing

Bringing to light high quality scholarly discussions: Why is it so difficult?

Contact: Nikos Houssos
Organization/Affiliation: RedLink
URL to Project:


Contact: Roshan Kumar Karn
Organization/Affiliation: Open Access Nepal (President)

Research Storytelling Canvas

Contact: Caio Werneck
Organization/Affiliation: Onda Politica

How scientists assess trustworthiness of data produced by others: Do practices shape infrastructure, or vice versa?

Contact: Peter Darch
Organization/Affiliation: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Project Jupyter: a platform for open science and reproducible research

Contact: Fernando Perez
Organization/Affiliation: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
URL to Project:

A collaborative initiative to support research: Creating the rimes portal at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus

Contact: Melanie Cassidy
Organization/Affiliation: University of British Columbia: Okanagan campus

Data Infrastructures in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Projects

Contact: Ashley E. Sands
Organization/Affiliation: UCLA

Interoperability for Data Repositories Using Dataverse

Contact: Eleni Castro
Organization/Affiliation: Harvard University
URL to Project:

Research and resources for public policy and practice: new models for using and managing grey literature and other 'non'traditional' objects

Contact: Amanda Lawrence
Organization/Affiliation: Swinburne University of Technology
URL to Project:

Don't Stop at Data: Moving Beyond “Grunt Labor for the Masses” as Citizen Science

Contact: Katie Chapman
Organization/Affiliation: Pentandra

PubPub - Open Publishing, Distributed Review, and Grassroots Journals

Contact: Travis Rich
Organization/Affiliation: MIT Media Lab
URL to Project:

Publish your scholarly article in the web way

Contact: Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran
Organization/Affiliation: University of Oxford

Water, Water Everywhere: Defining and Assessing Data Sharing in Academia

Contact: Steve Van Tuyl
Organization/Affiliation: Oregon State University Libraries & Press

Data on the Web Best Practices: Dataset Usage Vocabulary

Contact: Eric Stephan
Organization/Affiliation: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Genome sharing projects around the world: how to find data for your research

Contact: Nadezda (Nadia) Kovalevskaya
Organization/Affiliation: DNAdigest and Repositive Ltd.

Open Access Academy

Contact: Slobodan Radicev
Organization/Affiliation: University of Novi Sad / University of Tor Vergata
URL to Project:

SciBot: automated extraction and resolution of Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs) using a web-based annotation client

Contact: Tom Gillespie
Organization/Affiliation: UCSD

Information credibility and science journalism: Expert information crossing boudaries

Contact: Jeanine Finn
Organization/Affiliation: School of Information University of Texas at Austin

A fully cloud based publishing system

Contact: Kaveh Bazargan
Organization/Affiliation: River Valley Technologies

HUBzero, NCIP Hub, and CatalyzeCare: Community driven open access platforms for sharing and collaboration in cancer and medical informatics research

Contact: Michael Zentner
Organization/Affiliation: Purdue University
URL to Project: Bringing Open Web-based Annotation to All Scholarly Works

Contact: Maryann Martone
URL to Project:

Separating Content from Representation

Contact: August Muench
Organization/Affiliation: American Astronomical Society

Citation analysis for scholarly articles curated by model organism databases (MODs)

Contact: Michael Lauruhn
Organization/Affiliation: Elsevier Labs

Mobilizing taxonomic data: the importance of user-centered design

Contact: Andrea Thomer
Organization/Affiliation: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Authors, data, and infrastructure. Current practices of crediting in astronomy

Contact: Ewa Zegler-Poleska
Organization/Affiliation: Indiana University Bloomington

The bioCADDIE Data Discovery Index (DDI) Prototype: Laying the Groundwork for Biomedical Data Discovery, Sharing and Reuse

Contact: Jeffrey Grethe
Organization/Affiliation: University of California San Diego
URL to Project:

encodeD: A novel object-based storage system and applications to ENCODE metadata

Contact: Benjamin Hitz
Organization/Affiliation: Stanford University

Fair, rapid and complete scholarly communication through open source community solutions

Contact: Kristen Ratan
Organization/Affiliation: Collaborative Knowledge Foundation
URL to Project:

NanoTate It, a reusable Semantic Web annotation platform for Life Sciences

Contact: Alexander garcia
Organization/Affiliation: Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

Centralizing content and distributing labor: a community model for curating the very long tail of microbial genomes

Contact: Timothy Putman
Organization/Affiliation: The Scripps Research Institute

Making research accessible

Contact: Harriet Bell
Organization/Affiliation: Emerald Group Publishing

Neurotree: Graphing the evolution of science through mentorship networks

Contact: Stephen David
Organization/Affiliation: Oregon Health & Science University
URL to Project:

Data integration with the Web of Science

Contact: Ted Lawless
Organization/Affiliation: Thomson Reuters


Digital Science
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
PLOS (Public Library of Science)
Microsoft Research
Taylor & Francis Group
River Valley Technologies
International Society for Biocuration