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Loop: Taking Open Access publishing to the next level by bridging the gap between publishing platforms, organisations and researchers.

Contact: Sandra Hausmann
Organization/Affiliation: Frontiers
URL to Project:

Simple, standard, free toolkit to help increase visibility, reach and impact of scholarly communications

Contact: Charlie Rapple
Organization/Affiliation: Kudos
URL to Project:

EZID: Easy Identifier and Metadata Management

Contact: Joan Starr
Organization/Affiliation: California Digital Library

Fostering sustainability in land-reform: a visual journey

Contact: Bruno Paschoal
Organization/Affiliation: Onda Politica

The DOE Systems Biology Knowledgebase (KBase): A System for Collaborative and Reproducible Inference and Modeling of Biological Function

Contact: Dan Gunter
Organization/Affiliation: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
URL to Project:

Quantifying cross-disciplinary research in the health sciences: a bibliometric analysis using author affiliations

Contact: Diana Louden
Organization/Affiliation: University of Washington Health Sciences Library

Too big to share? Scaling up knowledge transfer workflows from little science to big science

Contact: Bernadette M. Randles
Organization/Affiliation: UCLA

Couture Curricula - BD2K Data Science Tailored to Your Needs

Contact: Nicole Vasilevsky
Organization/Affiliation: OHSU/Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology

The Structural Biology Data Grid Supports Live Analysis of Biomedical Data Publications

Contact: Merce Crosas
Organization/Affiliation: Harvard University
URL to Project:

Publishing Analytics Data Alliance

Contact: Kevin Hawkins
Organization/Affiliation: University of North Texas

Supporting the spectrum of scholarship in DigitalHub

Contact: Violeta Ilik
Organization/Affiliation: Northwestern University

Bringing research to the general public through narrative visualization

Contact: Todd Kesterson
Organization/Affiliation: Oregon State University
URL to Project:

Enabling a robust, community-wide implementation of an identifier strategy for research resources: RRID

Contact: Julie McMurry
Organization/Affiliation: OHSU/Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology

The Transformation: Reinventing Publishing for a Fully Open Access World

Contact: Marcus Banks
Organization/Affiliation: University of California Davis

The BioSharing Registry: mapping the landscape of standards and databases resources in the life sciences.

Contact: Peter McQuilton
Organization/Affiliation: University of Oxford
URL to Project:

Open Access Online Legal Information System: A Proposed Model for Indian Environment

Contact: Raj Kumar
Organization/Affiliation: Nalanda University
URL to Project:

Scholarly Communication through e-Theses in Academic Libraries: Case Study from Regional Centre for Strategic Studies (RCSS) Library, Sri Lanka

Contact: Kamani Perera
Organization/Affiliation: Regional Centre for Strategic Studies

21st Century Scientific Authoring at Institutions: Demonstrating the Caltech Overleaf Portal

Contact: Shelly Miller
Organization/Affiliation: Overleaf

The Open Access Button

Contact: Joseph McArthur
Organization/Affiliation: Right to Research Coalition

Enhancements to the GigaScience Integrated Data and Research Object Publishing Pipeline

Contact: Scott Edmunds
Organization/Affiliation: GigaScience/BGI Hong Kong

Find me the data - Discover and explore Nature’s Scientific Data datasets with the ISA-explorer tool

Contact: Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran
Organization/Affiliation: University of Oxford

RRIDs: past, present and future

Contact: Anita Bandrowski
Organization/Affiliation: SciCrunch Inc a structured scholarly writing environment for real humans

Contact: Matias Piipari
Organization/Affiliation: ( Limited)
URL to Project:

Think global, act local: innovating nationally with the Italian ORCID hub

Contact: Michele Mennielli
Organization/Affiliation: Cineca


Contact: Alberto Pepe
Organization/Affiliation: Authorea
URL to Project:

SciCrunch: A cooperative and collaborative data and resource discovery portal for scientific communities

Contact: Jeffrey Grethe
Organization/Affiliation: University of California San Diego
URL to Project:

From DMP to Open: Managing the Research Lifecycle

Contact: Dan Valen
Organization/Affiliation: figshare
URL to Project:

OpenVIVO: Attribution, Linkage and Reuse

Contact: Michael Conlon
Organization/Affiliation: Duraspace
URL to Project:

Using Semantics and NLP in Experimental Protocols

Contact: Olga Giraldo
Organization/Affiliation: UPM

Attribution of Work in the Scholarly Ecosystem

Contact: Karen Gutzman
Organization/Affiliation: Northwestern University

SOPHIA (Social Phrases Having ImpacAt)

Contact: Brian Davis
Organization/Affiliation: Insight@NUIG

What Drives Usage? Ask Big Data

Contact: Pierre Montagano
Organization/Affiliation: Squid Solutions

The Scholarly Commons Working Group

Contact: Maryann Martone
Organization/Affiliation: UCSD and Hypothesis

Annotating All Knowledge Coalition: Developing an open, interoperable annotation layer over all scholarly and scientific works

Contact: Dan Whaley


Digital Science
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
PLOS (Public Library of Science)
Microsoft Research
Taylor & Francis Group
River Valley Technologies
International Society for Biocuration