Before April 5, 2013 - European Commission Consultation on directions for Future and Emerging Technologies research

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Friday, April 5, 2013 - 12:00am


Dear FORCE11,
The European Commission is redefining its FET programme (Future and Emerging Technologies) and is asking for our feedback:

As a result of the previous round of consultations, they have come up with 9 topics, which need further refinement.  FORCE11 members are in good position to help shape EU's vision of future technologies for research communication. Especially the topic called "Knowing, doing and being" looks interesting from our perspective. 
We encourage all FORCE11 members, particularly those from the EU and associated countries, to contribute. Ultimately, many of us will write grant proposals in the FET programme, so let's shape it!
Hurry up, deadline:  before April 5, 2013
Best regards,
Lukas Bolikowski and Eugenio Battaglia