Workshop/Hackathon on Scholarly Markdown

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Saturday, June 8, 2013 - 12:00am
San Francisco, California, USA


Saturday, June 8 10am - 5pm San Francisco, CA

PLOS, 1160 Battery St., #100

San Francisco, CA

Please join us for a full day of presentations, discussions and coding around Markdown for scholarly content. Some of the potential outcomes of the workshop include:

  • notes from discussion about the suitability of Markdown for scientific authoring (different stages, disciplines, etc)
  • comprehensive list of tools/initiatives
  • notes from discussion about collaboration/synergy between tools
  • list of interesting examples/showcase (GH repositories etc)
  • list of "barriers", "obstacles" etc
  • notes from discussion about way forward, applying for grants, etc

The event is supported by a 1K Force11 Challenge prize.

Please add your background and ideas to the wiki. And please contact the organizers @houshuang and @mfenner if you want to give a presentation or demo.